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Nominated in 6 Categories JJ Lin to Perform at GMA,42-Member International Orchestra & Hollywood-Sty

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The 29th Golden Melody Awards and Ceremony has invited “the walking CD” JJ Lin this year as the grand final performance of the event. Nominated in 6 categories and also invited to perform at the GMA, he has certainly earned “the busiest artist at the GMA” moniker. When asked what lucky charm he intends to bring to the ceremony, he said that his mom is his “lady luck” and will be accompanying him for the entire ceremony. This is Lin’s third time been nominated in the best artist category, and he expressed that while he held out hope, he will still confront any result with dignity. Of the 6 nominated categories, Lin mentioned that he would most like to win the best album category. He explained that not a single song can be allowed to separate from the album, as it makes the album incomplete, that the album held a special meaning for him, like a letter in a bottle to the universe written in music; when asked about the one thing that he would like to do after winning, he responded that he would like to go on a vacation, bringing his colleagues and family with him, to travel and relax for a week.

Lin expressed during the interview that the reason he continues to write music is no longer to prove himself, but to transmit positive energy to the people through music notes, and he hope to bring that into his GMA performance as well. This performance will be a retrospect of his 15 years in the music business, he made the analogy that each one of us is a single light speck in the universe, and over the course of the history of the universe, occasionally we became as bright as a star, and occasionally we became dimmer, but he believes deeply that music held the power to brighten ourselves, and function as our common language, linking every speck together. He wished to transmit his passion, persistence and affinity for life through this story of light; for the visual effect of this performance, the GMA utilized the same equipment as major Hollywood productions, top of the line NCAM 3D real time augmented reality (AR) broadcasting system, with “Arena Flip” as the theme for the AR effects. The state-of-the-art equipment allows complete control over all three dimensions, without needing to adhere to the traditional AR limitations regarding indoor/outdoor lighting.

This is also the first time such a system is used for live performance in Taiwan; the international contingent invited to the performance is also quite impressive, consisting of 42 musicians from both the US and Taiwan as well as the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra. GMA also has the honor to have the internationally renowned dancer Chien Pei-Ju perform on the stage, Chien is the first Taiwanese to be honored at the prestigious Bessie Awards, and has performed at the opening ceremony for the Universiade, dazzling the audience with her wonderful performance. With Chien’s passion for the art, and Lin’s affinity for the music, the performance promise to be a perfect dialogue in artistic passion.

This year’s Golden Melody Awards provides a multitude of services over the GMA APP, the audience can select to observe the ceremony and walk of fame from a total of 6 distinct perspectives, including “Walk of Fame and Awards Ceremony Live Broadcast”, “Sign Language - Walk of Fame and Awards Ceremony Live Broadcast”, “Walk of Fame”, “Walk of Fame Host Interviews”, “Walk of Fame Media Interviews” and “Award Acceptance Speech”. Allowing the audience to keep up with all the precious moments from the ceremony and the walk of fame with ease.

The 29th Golden Melody Awards Certificate of Contribution
The 29th Golden Melody Awards Certificate of Contribution

The 29th Golden Melody Awards and Ceremony will be held at on 23 June at the Taipei Arena, organizer Taiwan Television will be broadcasting live from the walk of fame at 4:50pm and the ceremony at 7pm on TTV main channel. Simultaneous live broadcast will also be available all over the globe on Touch TTV channel, GMA Youtube channel, Chunghua Telecom MOD service, Hami Video channel, Hami Concert channel, UFO Radio,TVB channel in Hong Kong, StarHub channel in Singapore, Astro channel in Malaysia, Tiger Tech service in North America (including the US and Canada), and Tencent service in China. Reruns will also be available on TTV, TTV Variety, USTV, USTV Business.

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