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Dante bandwidth

Dante Flows

Dante uses a ‘flow’ to package audio data. Flows contain 4 channels of audio.

Ultimo devices only support 2 channels of audio per flow at 88.2 and 96kHz.

Glensound products with 4 channels or less use the Ultimo module, except the Beatrice B4 Mini which is the Broadway. All units of 8 channels or more use the Brooklyn module.

For Dante, bandwidth used will always be defined by number of flows. Even if only one audio channel is being transmitted, the bandwidth will be equal to one flow. If 4 audio channels are transmitted, the bandwidth will still be equal to one flow. However, if 5 different audio channels are transmitted then 2 flows will be used. A separate flow is also used if transmitting the same channels to different Dante devices.

Brooklyn device transmit flow bandwidth charts
Brooklyn device transmit flow bandwidth charts

Flow count can be monitored in the Device view of Dante controller under the Receive and Transmit tabs.

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