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DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2 版軟體更新


#BMD ( #Blackmagic )在今天發表了DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2版軟體更新,這一版本在Mac上新增了H.265 Main10硬體加速功能、在影片中繼資料中可顯示Blackmagic RAW LUT名稱、可為YouTube、Vimeo和frame .io選擇輸出影片數率。本次更新還支援為frame.io任務標記“完成”的功能,並為QuickTime播放器提供了Rec.709-A Gamma選項。 DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2還解決了在有些Mac系統上播放H.264影像級別變化的問題,當在時間軸上剪輯片段時提供了更佳的音頻訊轉場處理、改善了穩定性、音訊波形顯示通道排序、代理模式下Fusion預覽以及更多完善改進。

DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2版軟體更新現已推出,免費下載:

What's new in DaVinci Resolve 16.2.2

  • Hardware accelerated H.265 Main10 renders on supported Macs.

  • Blackmagic RAW clip LUT name can now be viewed in clip metadata.

  • Ability to assign frame rate in YouTube, Vimeo and renders.

  • Support for marking comments in markers as complete.

  • Nudge keyboard actions can be used in the sync clip dialog.

  • Support for exporting .srt files without formatting.

  • Support for RED 7.3.1 SDK.

  • Support for Rec.709-A gamma option for QuickTime player compatibility.

  • Preference to automatically tag Rec.709 clips as Rec.709-A.

  • Addressed level shifts playing some short H.264 clips on Mac systems.

  • Addressed loss of audio transition when trimming clips in the timeline.

  • Addressed issues with stabilization not being available in the inspector.

  • Addressed issues with incorrect channel order for audio waveform display.

  • Addressed an issue with previewing in Fusion when in proxies mode.

  • Addressed an issue with using reference sizing with timeline wipe.

  • Addressed an issue with aspect ratio metadata in some MXF renders.

  • Multiple performance and stability improvements.

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