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AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G Release Notes – v1.1

AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G Release Notes – v1.1

Release Notes v1.1



This firmware update is a maintenance release for the Ki Pro Ultra 12G.

Be sure to consult the Installation and Operation Guide (user manual) for detailed information about features and configuration guidelines. The most current documentation can always be found in the Support section of

Fixes, Changes and Improvements in v1.1


● Resolved issue with Chrome on Windows failing firmware update.

● Improved 12G & 6G input lock performance on some systems.

● Fixed issue with closed caption playback support for some files.

● Improved LTC loop out accuracy.

● Various system performance and stability improvements.

Firmware Update Consideration


● AJA recommends you do not use Chrome in Windows for this system update. Issue is resolved in future firmware updates.

● AJA recommends a Factory Reset under the CONFIG menu prior to updating firmware.

● After a firmware update, the web browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.) may lose its connection. A refresh of the web browser will reconnect the web UI.

● Do not attempt firmware updates while recording is in progress. Be sure the device is in the stopped state before performing a firmware update.

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