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Tally Box

Tally Box


SKAARHOJ Tally Box System 是您的現場節目製作的絕佳工具🎥。
Tally提示燈模組有前後大小兩個 LED - 後側面對攝影師LED具有播出及預備提示,亮度可調,前側LED燈較大,面對演員只用於節目播出提示。 Tally提示燈上的兩個開關使攝影師能夠開關前側主LED並調整攝影師側LED亮度。
Tally Box System 最多可連接8顆 Tally 燈,可直接連接,或通過從 Tally 燈到 Tally 燈的菊鍊串接。 ✨


The SKAARHOJ Tally System is a great add-on for your live video-production.

The tally light have two LEDs - one facing the camera operator and the big one facing the presenter.

The operator LED have both program and preview tally while the presenter LED is just for program.

The two switches on the tally light enables the operator to turn on/off the main LED and to dim the operator LED.

The Tally Box System handles up to 8 tally lights, connecting either directly via the box, or by daisy chain running from tally light to tally light.


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