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PL鏡頭轉Sony E mount 鏡頭轉接環

PL鏡頭轉Sony E mount 鏡頭轉接環

PL鏡頭轉Sony E mount 鏡頭轉接環

The worlds first PL to Sony E Mount Adaptor

An original design by Mike Tapa


The worlds first Arri PL to Sony E Mount Adaptor

With the introduction of the Sony NEX-FS100 camcorder and working closely with Sony UK we have designed some new products to suit.

This Product allows the use of any 35mm format PL mounted lens on any Sony E mount camera including Sony FS5 and FS7

As ever with all MTF products, these are manufactured with extreme precision using HE30 aluminium for the main body, and our own stainless steel E mount.

  • Stainless steel E mount
  • Stainless steel PL face
  • Pre shimmed for accuracy
  • Shim kit included
  • Support toe included
  • Aluminium PL port cap included
  • Provision to accept the MTF M/43 & E Mount Support


Camera Reference: 

Sony A7

Sony A7R

Sony A7s

Sony FS-100

Sony FS-700

Sony FS5

Sony FS7

Sony NEX

Sony VG10

Camera Mount Reference: 

Sony E-Mount

Lens Fit Reference: 

PL Mount

  • 技術規格

    Technical Details


    Lens Type Mag. Factor
    PL 35mm 1.1x

    Spec Build Quality: 

    HE30 aluminium body, stainless steel E mount

Excluding Sales Tax
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