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Eartec HB40GX Global Connect Kit

Eartec HB40GX Global Connect Kit


Eartec HB40GX Global Connect Kit for HUB with TRRS Cable & USB Sound Card For Full Duplex Wireless Communication Over IP


The Eartec HB40GX Global Connect Kit includes a custom cable assembly to connect your HUB (sold separately) to smartphones and a USB Soundcard Dongle for laptops and desktops. The Eartec HB40GX provides your HUB with Global Connect to access outstanding, unlimited long-range communication over IP webchat. Global Connect begins with a wireless intercom system including a HUB Mini Base and any combination of up to 8 transceivers including UltraLITE wireless or UltraPAK radios with lightweight headsets (all sold separately). You can add the HUB to any computer or smartphone, initiate a webchat, and a crew of up to 8 mobile wireless users can communicate in full duplex within a 400-yard range through the internet to anyone on a computer or cellphone anywhere else in the world.

Your existing full duplex intercom with HUB is then linked to the internet via the HB40GX Global Connect Kit with it's custom designed cable assembly for connecting to smartphones AND the USB Soundcard Dongle for laptops and desktops. Once a web chat is established via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams etc. simply add your HUB system and everyone that is communicating within a 400-yard range is automatically linked to your party or parties on the other side of the internet chat. Additional HUB systems can be added to a web chat so that all users can communicate in full duplex over IP.

Please Note: If you intend for a HUB system in the U.S. to link to a second HUB system internationally please specify country & continent (ie. Europe, Australia etc.) at the time of your purchase. Any HUB wireless equipment that is shipping internationally must be programmed to the proper frequency to ensure compliance and customs clearance.

Also Note: An iPhone headphone dongle is NOT included and is required for system use with iPhone.


Item Includes:

  • 1x Custom cable assembly for smartphone
  • 1x USB Dongle with soundcard for laptop / desktop
    Excluding Sales Tax
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