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DENZ DCB 90 – 攝影機90度豎拍架

DENZ DCB 90 – 攝影機90度豎拍架

SKU: 301.0646

DCB 90 – digital camera bracket 90°

Upright framing becomes increasingly popular. Especially the growing market share of smartphones in the domain of video playback devices will eventually make us get used to portrait-mode imaging compositions.

In order not to sacrifice any sensor area in the process of inverting the aspect ratio, there is now a 90° camera bracket, the DCB 90 available. It mounts any digital camera at a 90° roll-angle on any
tripod, dolly a.s.o. Now instead of cropping an image at its sides, the sensor is in an upright position delivering its full resolution.


  • 2x 90° angle brackets
  • 2x redesigned BP-multi special
  • DENZ BP12 Adapter (ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M)
  • universal balancing bracket
  • camera specific support plate of choice
  • 技術規格

    side length of angle brackets - 200mm

    width - 155mm

    rod diameter - 19mm

    rod distance - 104mm

    weight - 3,53lb

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