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B-Box (RED® KOMODO™) attaches to the camera-right BP-9 battery slot and provides a breakout for the camera’s EXT connector. Battery Slide Pro V-Mount or Gold Mount for RED KOMODO can be used simultaneously and custom right-angle LEMO compatible connector allows for neat cable run. Canon BP-9 batteries could also be attached in camera-left slot while B-Box is used.


Available ports include:

- R/S (3pin Fischer)

  • simple run/stop for Handgrip Trigger Box, Simple 3pin Fischer Trigger Cable, etc.
  • no power available
  • devices like ARRI WCU-4 may require CTRL port interface with cable K2.0015758
  • pin1:GND, pin2:N/C, pin3:GPI

- Timecode (5pin LEMO)

  • standard wiring for timecode in/out
  • pin1:GND, pin2:LTC-IN, pin3:N/C, pin4:N/C, pin5:LTC-OUT

- CTRL (4pin LEMO)

  • standard wiring for RED CTRL
  • pin1:GND, pin2:UART-RX, pin3:GPO, pin4:UART-TX

- 5V (USB)

  • 5V available at 500mA maximum
  • power may need to be enabled in camera menu

- Genlock (BNC)

  • standard wiring for genlock
  • center:signal, shell:GND


Weight: 100 g (0.23 lbs)
Dimensions: 107.95 x 82.5 x 25.4 mm (4.25 x 3.25 x 1 in)

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