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health claim

In order to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures, avoid the spread of the epidemic and prevent loopholes, you need to know the health status of those who enter the company's buildings and virtual production bases, or have contact with the company's on-site services. Please fill out the following health declaration form, and on 24 Thank you very much for applying in advance in advance so that our company can work. The validity period of this declaration is 7 days, please re-fill it after the validity period.
1. 您有任何流感症狀嗎?
2. 過去 14 天是否曾出國至其他境外地區?
3.過去 14 天有無接觸史?
4. 過去 14 天有無群聚感染?
5. Have any of the following symptoms occurred in the past 14 days? (multiple choices)

Thank you for providing the above information!

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