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TOA ZM-104A Impedance Meter

TOA ZM-104A Impedance Meter

庫存單位: ZM-104A

The TOA Impedance Meter, ZM-104, has been designed to measure impedances in the speaker lines in sound systems. It is fully portable and is operated from internal batteries. This handy meter provides accurate direct readings in the manner of a circuit meter, simply by disconnecting the speaker line from the amplifier and connecting it to the measuring leads.

The range selector switch allows selection of three ranges, from five to one hundred thousand Ohm. Each time the range selector switch is transferred, zero Ohm adjustment is necessary before operation.


Its accuracy is less than plus or minus ten percent on all ranges. The ZM-104 requires one battery change only after more than 30 hours of continuous use.


The ZM-104 is supplied with a convenient Impedance Output Chart.


The entire unit is sturdy, light and easy to carry. It weighs a mere 2 pounds.



  • Measures impedance of speaker lines up to 100k ohms
  • Batteries: four (AA)
  • Zero adjustment for accuracy on all ranges
  • Easy to read meter calibrates directly in ohms
  • Includes carrying case, test leads and impedance to power reference chart



  • Power Supply: AA (R6) battery x 4 (1.5 V DC x 4).
  • Current Consumption: 39 mA.
  • Reading: Direct reading meter, unit: Ohm.
  • Measurement Range: x1 range: 5 ohm - 1 k Ohm, x10 range: 50 Ohm - 10 k Ohm, x100 range: 500 Ohm- 100 k Ohm.
  • Accuracy: ± 10%.
  • Oscillation Frequency: 1,000 Hz ± 10 %.
  • Battery Life when continuously used: x1 range: 30 hours, x10 range and x100 range: 60 hours.
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to +40 °C (23 to 104 °F.
  • Dimensions: Unit: 110 (w) x 180 (h) x 58 (d) mm (4.33" x 7.09" x 2.28"), Carrying case: 120 (w) x 220 (h) x 63 (d) mm (4.72" x 8.66" x 2.48").
  • Finish: ABS resin, black.
  • Weight: 700 g (1.54 lb) (unit and carrying case) .
  • Accessory: Test leads (red and black): 1 set.
  • Measurement Category: CAT I
    增值税  未含
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