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RCP Pro 攝影機遠端控制台

RCP Pro 攝影機遠端控制台

庫存單位: RCP-PRO-V1B-BK

The RCP Pro is SKAARHOJ’s most advanced camera shading controller. It features a brand-new joystick with a built-in Tally Light and OLED Screen, to display Iris values on the fly. It also includes a large, tilted screen for a perfect viewing angle. 

The RCP Pro works well for remote production. Just plug the controller into your existing IP network, via the built-in IP connection. The RCP Pro is also PoE as well. 

The RCP Pro is a perfect solution to shade cameras from major manufacturers, such as RED, Canon, ARRI and Lumix, among several others. 

The RCP Pro comes with Blue Pill Inside. Blue Pill is SKAARHOJs new platform that further expands the controlling capabilities of SKAARHOJ products. For more information on the capabilities of Blue Pill, please view GETOP’s YouTube Video here


Form Factor

Fits in existing OB Van racks with a Sony RCP Form factor (4”/102mm Wide), or sits perfectly on a Table.


Color Shading

Brings in Color Setting Controls of multiple main broadcast and cinema cameras on the market today. 


Shade RED, Lumix, Canon, etc.

Thanks to Blue Pill Inside, the RCP Pro can shade the RED KOMODO/V-RAPTOR, CANON C300MKIII/C500MKII, and Lumix BGH1/BSH1, to name a few. 


Joystick Display

Includes a built-in Tally Light, to display values set for the joystick.


Tilted Display

Perfect Angle to view the Complete Overview of the Controller


Joystick Pad

Pressure Sensitive PTZ Control Pad


Backlit Encoders

Eight high-quality backlit encoders


Four-Way Buttons

User-Programmable Four-way buttons


ID Display

Camera ID clearly displayed with OLED Technology and RGB Tally Bar.



Power Over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af)



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