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Portrait C6 HDR2000 色度計

Portrait C6 HDR2000 色度計

SpectraCal C6 HDR2000色度計是目前最先進價格最低廉的光測量設備之一,可提供一般校準所需的精度。 C6 HDR2000色度計可通過CalMAN軟體進行現場升級,這意味著當設備與軟體連接時,支持的顯示技術會自動更新。 所售出的每台C6 HDR2000色度計均首先通過SpectraCal校準實驗室認證,並附有NIST(美國國家標準與技術研究院)的精度證書。

C6 HDR2000的設計和指定可測量高達2000 cd / m2的亮度精度。

(SpectraCal C6 HDR2000僅適用於CalMAN軟體。)

  • 產品內容及功能

    What is Included

    • Portrait Displays C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter
    • Professional Carrying Case
    • Tripod Extension hardware
    • NIST Certificate of Accuracy
    • One-Year Limited Warranty

    Portrait Displays C6 Key Features

    • Supports all display technologies, including HDR, plasma, LCD LED, front-projection and OLED
    • Field upgradable for new display technologies and calibration tables
    • Advanced low-light handling
    • Complete spectral characterization technology
    • NIST certified in Portrait Displays' calibration lab prior to shipping
    • Luminance accuracy at a range up to 2000 cd/m2
    • Advanced light and color filters
    • Sealed optics and sensors for increased lifespan
    • Off-angle light compensation
    • Built-in ambient light diffuser and tripod mount threading
  • 技術規格

    Supported Display Types

    • UHD, 4K, HDR TVs
    • UHP, LED, Laser Projectors
    • Multi-panel video walls
    • Reference video monitors
    • Computer monitors

    Supported CalMAN® Software

    • CalMAN Ultimate
    • CalMAN Video Pro
    • CalMAN Studio
    • CalMAN Home for LG
    • CalMAN Home for Panasonic
    • CalMAN Home for Samsung
    • CalMAN Home for Sony
    • CalMAN Home Enthusiast
    • CalMAN RGB
    • CalMED
    • CalMAN ColoMatch


    • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
    • Meter Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.6 x 1.5 inches
    • Carrying Case Dimensions: 10.3 x 8 x 4.5 inches
    • Cable Length: 6 feet

    System Requirements

    • Windows 7® or later with latest operating system updates installed (recommended: Windows 7® or later)
    • 2 GHz processor (recommended: 2 GHz Dual Core Processor)
    • 2 GB RAM (recommended: 4 GB RAM)
    • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6

    CalMAN also supports Windows 7® or later in VMWare Fusion® and Bootcamp® for Mac OS X® users.

    (The Portrait Displays C6 HDR2000 works with CalMAN software only.)

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