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Avid S1 Eucon-Enabled Control Surface

Avid S1 Eucon-Enabled Control Surface

庫存單位: AVID S1

The Avid S1 is a compact desktop control surface offering fast, intuitive, and expandable control of common mixing functions for popular software such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Media Composer, Reason, Cubase, and others. Not only does it provide great power in a small form factor, but it can be scaled to suit your changing needs. The S1 uses Avid's high-speed EUCON (Extended User Control) protocol to enable fully integrated control of Pro Tools and other EUCON-compatible audio and video applications via an Ethernet connection. Up to four S1s can be used simultaneously.

The core functionality of the S1 revolves around eight channel strips, each with a touch-sensitive motorized 100mm fader, a touch-sensitive rotary encoder, a high-resolution OLED display, and dedicated function keys for solo, mute, record-enable, select, and more. Fast access to inserts, aux sends, panning, group settings, and I/O assignments is available via a row of buttons directly above the OLED displays.

Use the S1 as your sole control surface or integrate it with up to three other S1s, an Avid Dock, and an iPad or Android tablet running the free Avid Control app.

Please note! The Avid S1 is only compatible with Avid Control and Avid Dock


  • Gives deep hands-on control of your favorite Mac/Windows audio and video software
  • Packs immense mixing power into a small surface that easily fits between your display and keyboard
  • Eight motorized, touch-sensitive, 100mm long-throw faders
  • Eight push-top, touch-sensitive rotary encoders
  • Assorted hardware buttons/keys for various functions and mode selections such as mute, solo, record-enable, bank, nudge, and more
  • Eight high-resolution OLED displays plus multiple status LEDs and multicolor track buttons
  • Use with the free Avid Control app on your iPad or Android tablet to achieve optimal ergonomic efficiency, easy touch workflows, and Avid S6-style metering and processing views
  • Powered by EUCON, Avid's high-speed Ethernet control protocol for efficient hardware and software integration
  • Switch between applications and workstations at the touch of a button
  • Supports seamless expansion with up to three more S1 units (available separately)
  • Add an Avid Dock (available separately) to utilize dedicated transport controls, a jog wheel, focus fader, and more



  • Faders: Eight motorized, touch-sensitive, 100 mm long-throw faders
  • Knobs: Eight push-top, touch-sensitive rotary encoders
  • Additional controls: Assorted hardware buttons/keys for various functions and mode selections, including Mute, Solo, Record-enable, Bank, Nudge, and more
  • Software interface: Supports the free Avid Control app running on iPad or Android tablet (tablet not included)
  • Displays: Eight high-resolution OLED displays, plus multiple status LEDs and multicolor track buttons; channel metering, monitoring, processing, track status, automation modes, and other views provided by Avid Control on your tablet
  • Height (front, rear): 1.2 inches, 3.8 inches
  • Width: 12.3 inches
  • Depth: 14.9 inches
  • Scalability: Connect up to four S1 controllers together, plus Avid Dock, to create an extended, fully integrated surface


Item Includes:

  • S1 control surface.
  • Power adapter with IEC cable (multiple cables are included for different regions).
  • S1 Link plate.
  • Cat5e (350 MHz) Ethernet crossover cable.
  • Welcome pack, which includes the EuControl software Activation Card, S1 Welcome card, Health and Safety Guide.
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