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DENZ OIC 35 Pentafinder 導演取景器 (PL mount)

DENZ OIC 35 Pentafinder 導演取景器 (PL mount)

庫存單位: 402.0000

Director’s Viewfinder OIC 35

The DENZ Director’s Viewfinder OIC-35 (Optical Image Control) is an indispensable tool for any director, cameraman or gaffer.

Many features make it your first choice:

 available with PL- or Panavision-Mount

 super 35mm ground glass (not available at DENZ) arri 435/535

 Eyepiece with a linear extension (diopter -4 / +3.5) for right and left viewing

 Ergonomically designed handles for right and left, as well as the Universal-Handle made from olive wood.

 The handles are designed so that the weight of the OIC-35 is distributed on the thumb and index finger, not the hand.

 Articulation for ideal adjustment of the handle

 ¼“ threaded hole on the underside of the handle for a monopod

 Adjustable balance point thanks to a support bracket

  • 選用配件

    ⭕ 302.0133 Ergonomic universal handle with soft touch coating, tilt-lock (hirth gearing) and re-adjustable eccentric clamp

    ⭕ 302.0132 Bracket, made of Konstruktal (AW7075) anodized, used for balance point optimization by three “variable” attachment points

    ⭕ 302.0139 Leather belt (without Viewfinder)

增值税  未含
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