Blackmagic Video Assist 3.3.1版軟體更新

Blackmagic今天為5英吋和7英吋Video Assist 12G HDR增加了Blackmagic RAW功能。如果您使用尼康Nikon Z6 全幅無反相機和Z 7 FX無反相機拍攝,可以連接Video Assist 12G HDR記錄Blackmagic RAW,在攝影機,剪輯,調光和 Blackmagic RAW將攝影機設定保存在中繼資料(metadata)內,您可以設定ISO,白平衡和曝光,然後在剪輯過程中覆蓋。除此之外您的電腦還需要安裝Blackmagic RAW 1.8.2和DaVinci Resolve 16.2.8版軟體更新。

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What's new in Blackmagic Video Assist 3.3.1

New features for Video Assist 12G HDRs and Video Assist 3Gs

  • USB connection now works as a webcam for streaming.

New features for Video Assist 5” and 7” 12G HDR

  • Added Nikon Z6 and Z7 HDMI RAW recording

  • Fix Blackmagic RAW metadata frame alignment when camera is set to Auto ISO.

New features for Video Assist 5” 3G and Video Assist 7” 3G

  • Added audio monitoring channel selection

New features for the Video Assist 7” 3G

  • Added XLR audio mapping to different channels

  • Added XLR external timecode

Minimum system requirements for macOS

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina

  • macOS 10.14 Mojave

  • USB 2.0 port for software updates

Minimum system requirements for Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit

  • A suitable USB 2.0 port

The Blackmagic Video Assist installer package installs:

  • Blackmagic Video Assist Setup

Additional Information

Some applications may use third party code under license. For details please refer to the included "Third Party Licenses.rtf" document.

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