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AJA BRIDGE LIVE – v1.12軟體更新支援NDI 輸入, 輸出及轉碼

AJA BRIDGE LIVE – Release Notes v1.12




AJA BRIDGE LIVE是實用的即時視訊串流應用解決方案,擁有高性能SDI及視訊編碼/解碼/轉碼、靈活的多路12G-SDI I/O介面、完整的支援Metadata、及隱藏字幕(Closed Caption - CC)等功能。AJA BRIDGE LIVE採用1RU機架設計,體積小、不佔空間,並具有備源供電。 其設計是能在眾多的編碼、集裝器(Container)及傳輸協定,皆能支援低延遲(Low-Latency)、高品質的工作流程,BRIDGE LIVE適於無數的應用案例,包含:回程遙控(Backhauling Remote)實況的SDI視訊源至媒體製作機構,並回傳Program的訊號(Feed);在製作與後期遠端協做時提供高品質參考視訊(Reference Video);透過如:YouTube、Facebook、或Twitch等平台多輸入直接串流給觀眾;以ABR Ladder描述檔(Profile)或Hand-Off for OTT封包(Packaging)進行編碼並傳輸內容,並且全都支援透過公眾網際網路。



For initial System Setup see the BRIDGE LIVE Quick Start Guide that shipped in the box with BRIDGE LIVE:

● The Quick Start Guide is unique to each BRIDGE LIVE system since it contains the unique admin and transcoder passwords necessary to gain access to the system for the first time.

The BRIDGE LIVE Manual is available via the AJA website:

○ Under the Manuals heading, the BRIDGE LIVE manual can be selected for viewing and/or download.

The BRIDGE LIVE Tech Specs are available via the AJA website:

The remainder of this document provides:

● BRIDGE LIVE version history (features and fixes)

● General / Specific Known Issues

● Troubleshooting

● Downloading and Applying Software Updates from

● Annual Maintenance details

● Technical Support contact information




● Added NDI Input, Output and Transcode:

○ SDI Inputs can be encoded to NDI for output to the network

○ NDI Inputs can be received, decoded and output as SDI

○ IP Video Streams inputs can be transcoded to NDI for output to the network

○ NDI Inputs can be received, transcoded and output as IP Video streams

○ Support for NDI I/O

■ P216 (4:2:2, 16-bit) Input and Output

■ NDI UYVY (4:2:2, 8-bit) Input compatibility

■ Up to 4x HD p60 or 1x UHD p60

● HLS Output (HD):

○ SDI Input to HLS Output (encode)

○ IP Video Stream Input to HLS Output (transcode)

○ HD AVC TS segments (H.264) for HD

○ Published to the Network Interface on port 80 under specific URL

○ Complements existing BRIDGE LIVE HLS input functionality

● SDI Source Preview:

○ Designed to give the operator visual confidence that they have the correct SDI input/content for their encoding operation

○ Refresh of around 1 frame every 1-2 seconds.

○ Not intended to provide high-fidelity via the GUI.

○ Useful for basic confidence and for customers who cannot “go live” to check their content, for security or other reasons.

● New boot menu to allow for additional method of Factory Reset:

○ continue booting with the existing version

○ boot using previous software version

○ perform a factory reset

● UI/UX optimizations:

○ UI responsiveness improvements (faster feedback and execution)

○ Refinements to pipeline configuration and options:

■ "Start detecting input" button

■ "Set as input" button

○ Enhanced messaging per output stream in DashBoard

■ For output streams with multiple sinks (via "Configure sinks"), only the first output had been presented in UI's DashBoard ("Stream Statistics").

■ Now all sinks are shown (in "Stream Statistics"). Making it more convenient to see if sinks are not successfully establishing a connection.


⭕BRIDGE LIVE 與 HELO 配對成一路 HLS 編碼器➡

⭕BRIDGE LIVE 的 HLS 輸入能為直播業者帶來什麼好處?➡

AJA BRIDGE LIVE目前正熱賣,優惠方案實施中:

堅達公司代理 AJA 全系列產品,以下為部分熱銷產品:

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