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Dual QR – 雙螢幕快拆系統

Dual QR – 雙螢幕快拆系統

Dual QR – Parallel Monitor System


Our Dual QR Parallel Bracket is designed to hold two monitors using the QR System.  It is perfect for mounting multiple monitors in a compact area providing a safe, distanced viewing area for clients and crew.


With the Dual QR Bracket, you can connect two QR Systems (two monitors) to a single stand.  It has a baby pin receiver in the bottom, with a 3/8-16 threaded hole on top to add a baby pin to it (for mounting receivers). The bracket’s face plates (where the QR’s connect) are tapered by 3 degrees. When monitors are connected and on a stand, at standing height the monitors will tilt down just slightly so that they are in line with your eye sight, ideal for social distancing. Locking thumb screws secure monitors in place.

  • Tech Specs

    Dual QR – Parallel Monitor System Includes:

    · (2) QR Receiver’s
    · (2) Monitor Plates
    · (2) Adapter Plates
    · (1) Dual QR Bracket
    · (1) 5/8 In. Threaded Baby Pin
    · Mounting Hardware

    Dual QR – Bracket Only Includes:

    · (1) Dual QR Bracket
    · (1) 5/8 In. Threaded Baby Pin

    Product Dimensions: 6.95 In. W x 4.5 In. L x 8.11 In. H

    Materials: 6061 T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Anodized with INOVATIV’s Triple Anodize 8625 Mil-Spec Process.

    Product Weight:

    Dual QR – Parallel Monitor System: 3 lb

    Dual QR – Bracket Only: 2 lb

NT$19,200 Regular Price
NT$19,100Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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