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Cintel Scanner S-Drive HDR 底片掃描儀

Cintel Scanner S-Drive HDR 底片掃描儀


Cintel Scanner搭載精密的膠片機件、光學元件、高強度漫射光源以及內建攝影機部件,是一款完備的即時底片掃描和調光解決方案。 S-Drive模式是掃描極度受損底片的理想方式,這些底片需要更好的走帶處理。 Cintel Scanner配備一個35mm片門、多個膠捲軸、四個清潔滾輪、桌式固定支架以及DaVinci Resolve Studio軟體。 Cintel可直接將底片掃描文件輸入DaVinci Resolve,讓您可以對底卷內容進行剪輯、調光、重調尺寸、降噪以及音訊擷取等處理。 DaVinci Resolve具有比硬體控制更為強大和豐富的功能,因此通過DaVinci Resolve來操作掃描儀可以讓您獲得比普通膠轉磁技術更富創意的控制。

  • Scanner Features

    Film Stocks

    Print, Negative, Interpositive, Internegative.

    Mono and Color.

    Film Gauges

    35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations),

    Super 35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations).

    16mm, Super 16mm

    Native Resolution

    4096 x 3072

    Effective Resolutions

    3840 x 2880 - Super 35

    3390 x 2864 - Standard 35

    3390 x 2465 - Anamorphic 35

    1903 x 1143 - Super 16

    1581 x 1154 - Standard 16

    HDMI Formats

    3840 x 2160 Ultra HD

    1920 x 1080 HD

    (auto selected to match monitor resolution)

    Dynamic Range

    Normal Scans: 12 stops
    HDR Scans: up to 2 additional stops


    Extraction from scanned image.

    Transport Type Metal Sprocket.

    Dirt and Scratch Reduction

    Diffuse light source. Cleaning rollers.

    Mounting Options

    Desk Mount. Wall Mount.

    Transport Features

    Continuous Motion

    Run speed: 1 - 30 fps


    1 - 100 fps (35mm)

    1 - 200 fps (16mm)

    Acceleration 5 - 30 fps/s

    Film Shrinkage Tolerance

    Up to 2% guaranteed, more may be possible if user care is taken.


    2000 ft (35mm)


    HDMI Video Output

    1 x HDMI 1.4 10-bit 4:2:2 for preview purposes only.

    Computer Interface

    Thunderbolt™ 3 for capture of image and audio, software updates and supports USB-C charging with 15W at 5V.

    PCI Express 4 lane generation 2.

    Bi-phase/Timecode Output

    XLR3 Bi-phase: 4.5 Volt DC coupled.

    Timecode: 1.5 Volt DC coupled with support for 24, 25 and 30 fps.

    Analog Audio Inputs

    2 Channels of professional balanced analog audio with sample rate converter via XLR connectors with 10dBV levels.

    AES/EBU Audio Input

    1 Channel with sample rate converter on XLR connector.

    Options Interface


    Operating Systems

    Cintel requires Desktop Video installed on the host computer to operate. Scanning can be controlled though DaVinci Resolve or through third party software using the Cintel SDK.

    Mac 10.14 Mojave,
    Mac 10.15 Catalina or later.

    Windows 10, 64-bit.



    Cintel Scanner 16mm HDR Gate

    Cintel Audio and KeyKode Reader

    Cintel Scanner 35mm Gate HDR

    Cintel Cleaning Roller Kit

    Blackmagic PCI Express Cable Kit

    Power Requirements

    Voltage Range 90 - 240V AC.

    Power 200W

    Physical Specifications

    Ideal Film Conditions

    Operating Temperature

    18 to 28°C (64.4º to 82.4º F).

    Relative Humidity

    Maximum 65% non-condensing.

    What's Included

    Cintel Scanner S-Drive HDR

    Desk Stand

    8 x 1mm Reel Spacers

    Cintel Scanner 35mm Gate

    DaVinci Resolve Studio Software

    Cintel Software and Manual


    12 Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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