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AXIS WorkSurface Pro 工作檯

AXIS WorkSurface Pro 工作檯

The WorkSurface Pro is a one-of-a-kind workstation. Coupled with our unique and Patent Pending vDrop System, the WorkSurface Pro can be mounted to pole that is up to 2 In. in diameter.

The WorkSurface Pro has 4 optional configurations:

          · WorkSurface Pro

          · WorkSurface Pro with the added locking Drawer

          · WorkSurface Pro plus 2U Station Upgrade

          · WorkSurface Pro plus 4U Station Upgrade

The WorkSurface Pro’s Drawer and 2U and 4U Station Upgrades are not compatible with each other. You can not use the Drawer with a 2U or 4U Station Upgrade.

All WorkSurface Pro Kits Include: WorkSurface Pro | vDrop Mount | 2 Convi Clamps

  • Tech Specs

    Dimensions: 28 In. W x 21 In. L x 6 In. H

    Materials: 5052 and 6061 T6 Aluminum. Stainless Steel Hardware, Black Outdoor Marine Carpet, Powder Coated Black, Anodized with INOVATIV’s Triple Anodize 8625 Mil-Spec Process

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