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DaVinci Resolve for iPad will be available in Q4 2022

Today Blackmagic Design announced DaVinci Resolve coming to iPad, which will initially feature the cut and color pages from DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad即將上市
DaVinci Resolve for iPad即將上市

The new DaVinci Resolve for iPad will open and create standard DaVinci Resolve project files which are compatible with the desktop version of DaVinci Resolve 18. You will be able to host projects using Blackmagic Cloud and collaborate with multiple users all over the world. Supported file formats include H.264, H.265, Apple ProRes and Blackmagic RAW, with clips able to be imported from the iPad Pro internal storage and Photos library, externally connected iCloud or USB-C media disks.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad is similar to the desktop version of DaVinci Resolve.

There are some adaptions to the UI based on screen size, such as not having a menu bar, however the full color and cut pages are provided. DaVinci Resolve projects can be opened, including support for shared collaborative projects via Blackmagic Cloud.

This means DaVinci Resolve for iPad is the same professional tool, and the same codebase as used on major Hollywood feature films.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad does not include the Fairlight audio page or the Fusion visual effects page because their software code has not yet been redesigned for the iPad. We will continue to work on these pages and will include them in the future.

The edit page is not included as it was originally designed for large screens, with a keyboard and mouse. This makes it very difficult to move to the iPad without changing it in a way that would cause problems for professional editors who rely on the edit page for their work. We expect the edit page to remain a desktop only page.

However this means the cut page needs more features so it can operate on the iPad when the edit page is not available. Until now we focused on adding new types of features to the cut page, because the edit page was always available. However on the iPad, that's not the case. So we will be working hard to add more editing features to the cut page as soon as possible. These features will include enhanced audio support, key framing, split edits and more. We will release these updates as we add the features.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad will be available free of charge in Q4 2022 from the Apple iOS App Store. High end customers who need the features of DaVinci Resolve Studio on the iPad will be able to upgrade via a one off in-app purchase. We expect this update to cost US$95

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